Years ago, my wife bought an antique mission oak rocking chair. One day, one of the runners got stepped on and broken. She loves that chair, and refused to get rid of it. Years after it got broken, she talked me into repairing it.

I bought a piece of oak from Kuna Lumber. I laid the broken piece on the new board, clamped it down, and traced around it. Then I used a saber saw to cut it out. Next I had to reduce its thickness on a table saw. Then I sanded it until it matched the old piece.  Minus the break, of course. I fitted it to the bottom of the chair supports. I drilled holes through it so it could be attached it to the chair. I stained it to match the existing color.  Lastly I screwed it to the chair supports. And it was finished.

Put yourself in the place of that piece of oak. You might wonder why you’re being drawn on. You might cry out when the saws are doing their work. You might cough when the sanding is taking place. You might try to dodge the drill. You might not even like the stain as it is applied.  It might not be your favorite color. But you’d be delighted to be a part of that grand old chair.

What could have been perceived as abuse and torture was simply preparation for something beautiful. When things are tough, and you are going through hard times, trust God. You may have no idea now what He has planned for you. But He has proven Himself to be trustworthy, so wait it out. His results are always beautiful.

 In His love,

Pastor Chris