Church Leadership

Pastor Chris Bent and His wife Chris

Chris & Chris Bent

Pastor Chris has known the Lord as long as he can remember. He was raised in a home where the Lord was honored and loved as a way of life. Born in southern California in 1956, he grew up in the middle of the Jesus movement of the 1960's and 70's. He met a cute girl in high school with the same first name and ended up marrying her in June, 1976. After searching for a church that suited their style, he and his wife Christina and their 3 small children found a home at Calvary Chapel Huntington Beach in the late 1970's. He and Christina both grew in their faith and served as Sunday School teachers. Alas, the economic times of the early 1980's necessitated a move to Idaho, where Christina's mother lives. Since the move, God has prospered and grown them all. The "Chris's" found a new fellowship named Calvary Chapel Boise (just months after it started) where they both served as Sunday School teachers and Christina served as a worship leader.

They attended CC Boise for over 20 years until 2003 when the Lord called Chris to serve as a Senior Pastor. Through much prayer, Chris accepted the challenge of taking over as pastor of the Calvary Chapel in nearby Meridian, Idaho, as the existing pastor was being led by the Lord in another direction. Eight months later the Lord led the fellowship to move to Kuna, eight miles to the south. And the fellowship has been there ever since. The Bents love the city of Kuna, and envision a revival happening that will shake the foundations of evil!